New painting in my Poppies Series

I began painting poppies several years ago at a plein air event.  There is something lively and energetic about their bright red faces bobbing in the breeze on a sunny day.  I photographed this bunch and have painted them many times in different compositions and color ways.  I do not tire of the picture.  Picket fences call out country,freshness,simplicity, summertime.  They say 'garden' to me loud and clear.  

Poppies while bright and cheerful, also bring association to opium, opium dens, the Orient, princesses and times gone by.  They also make me think of poppy seed recipes: kolatchke, lemon poppy seed bread, and white cake,strewn with poppy seed, lemon or raspberry filling and covered in white buttercream frosting.  It was my grandmother's favorite cake.

Images can trigger all sorts of thoughts and connections beyond whe subject matter of the painting.  Do you have memories of poppies growing in a garden or along a fence?  What do they whisper to you?

This painting is now available for purchase, please email me for payment and shipping instructions @ fullmoonartist@


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