My Studio

This is my studio.  What you are looking at is the top of my vintage drafting table.  I cleaned a very dirty warehouse in exchange for the table and a number of industrial flat files.  Because I don't want to damage the top with paint, I cover it with cereal boxes, taped together.  It makes an incredibly waterproof surface, that protects the table.  The bonus is that I get some incredible textured surfaces, which I can use for collage bases, journal covers, altered post cards.....I keep the paint in a couple of old Pepsi boxes that can easily be moved as needed.  That's my watercolor journal laying open.  U was reworking a sketch that I was unhappy with.  I reuse an old Prang watercolor box.  At one time it held kid's paint, but now I put tube colors in.  I have several in different color combinations.

Storage to the right of the table is pretty jumbled, tends to be a space where things collect, but are easily accessible.

Directly behind me is my home made easel.  Staved around it right now are unfinished starts and prepped boards for my small oil sketches and daily paintings.

Now I would love a beautiful, spacious studio, hardwood floors, big windows; you know just like in the magazines.  But what I have is this half the basement.  Over the summer, I plan to revamp a bit.  But instead of ripping it up and trying to move everything, I am going to use up and discard as I make art.  Maybe by the end of summer, I will have a fantastic new studio design AND a whole lot of art made! Keep watching for progress.


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