The Purple Sketchbook,or saving it for someday

  I have been spring cleaning and pulled a purple sketchbook out of a drawer where its been dwelling, unused.  I don't know if all artists and crafters do this, but I have a habit of saving certain paper, paint,etc. for "good".  In other words, I don't want to 'ruin' the sketchbook, so I put it away waiting for that day when my paintings are worthy of it.  Perfectly good supplies are purchased then saved for a special project. Yet my best work often comes when I experiment and play around with my materials. 

Another event that happens in my studio is what a friend once referred to as U.C.P., or unfinished craft projects.  I know we have all started a painting or project and then didn't like the direction it was going, made what we think is a fatal mistake in the piece, or just are interrupted and we never get back the energy that was flowing on the art and we lay it aside. (Hence, the reason for the spring cleaning!)

Both of these situations come together in this sketchbook.  I found it while I was cleaning.  I had bought the book on sale and set it aside for a "special" project - maybe a mandala book, or a travel diary.  But then I thought  - no, I am just going to use it.  So, I started thinking I would use it as an experimental place for limited palette work in watercolor.  I had started and then found that I had more than a few very flat sketches.  And I put it away.

I used to preserve even these flat sketches, thinking to look back and see my progress.  But this time I decided to rework them.  The following are a few of my reworks, I did the first day.  Unfortunately I didn't think of taking before and after photos until I had gone through these.  But that's what I will be showing you in the next few weeks.

More of this sketchbook can be seen on my facebook page.


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